CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — Parkland College is looking to change one of its programs. The one that helps get you medicine when you’re sick.

The college is planning to add an on-campus pharmacy-technician class. Right now, it’s only offered online.

In person, students will get hands-on experience in labs.

Cayla Waters, Parkland’s program manager for professional development, said she hopes this can also help with a nationwide pharmacy-tech shortage.

“The goal is that we can help have more trained pharmacy technicians in the community that feel prepared and excited about their positions,” she said. “And they’re excited to make an impact and help give back.”

Waters said one of their goals is to help provide more opportunities for people to get an education, but also to work in local hospitals and pharmacies to help patients.

The class will also help students prepare for the required Board Exam. In 2024, testing requirements are changing in the state. The new program will help prepare students for those changes.