CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A popcorn shop in Champaign is expanding in two places.

CBPB Popcorn Shop will be taking over the building next door to them on Neil Street. They will be using the space as a mini factory and storage. CBPB will also be opening a small shop inside Willard Airport soon.

The shop has been in business for thirteen years. They have been wanting to expand and finally got the chance to do it.

“It feels great,” Owner Alven Allison said. “We knew the spot next door. I know the layout of it. Still being so close to U of I, because we do so much over there, is just phenomenal. We’re mainly using it for storage and to put a couple pieces of equipment in there, where basically everywhere that you see around here now will become retail.”

The expansion will be ready by Christmas.