CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Two Central High School students are fed up with seeing classmates vape inside their school, now they are doing something about it.  

Jonathan Smith and Jackson Dillow decided to post funny pictures of themselves around the building, hoping to grab people’s attention and get teens to quit smoking. 

“Since honestly the beginning of high school it’s always been a problem,” said Smith. “If they got every single kid that vaped suspended, if they all did that at once, we’d be missing half the student population.”  

The friends say teen culture says vaping is cool, but they couldn’t disagree more. They are student-athletes and want everyone to be healthy. But every time they go to the bathroom, they see five to ten students vaping.  

“You’d walk in, and a cloud would hit you in the face,” said Dillow.  

They say the signs captivated their classmates, who posted them all over social media. But 15 minutes after handing them out, they were called to an administrator’s office and told they can’t continue without going through an approval process.  

“And we apologized, aye we didn’t know about that,” said Dillow.  

But when they tried to go through with their approval, they were shut down.  

“They said no you can’t go through the approval process you’re done,” said Dillow.  

I reached out to a district spokesperson about the issue who told me there was no issue with the content and the principal would reach out to them. That happened and now things are moving forward. 

“He was super awesome, and he loves the message,” said Smith.  

Their next step is to find a teacher sponsor and create a club, so they can keep spreading their message.