CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — 17-year-old Brenden Damore has played baseball most of his life. An overwhelming amount of gear started piling up, so the St. Thomas More student took it upon himself to do something about it.

“I considered that better use to be giving it to kids who may not have that opportunity,” Damore said.

He started “Baseball Gear For Good” during the pandemic. He started sending uniforms, bats, and other equipment to other kids in central Illinois.

From there though, he wanted to go bigger and bolder. So the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is now helping him send equipment to kids in Ukraine.

“May be especially difficult for them to enjoy many of the opportunities that we take for granted here,” Damore said.

His mom, Shelly hopes her sons desire to help encourages others to try the sport.

“If he can help a kid who maybe can’t afford a bat or a glove, maybe it’ll encourage them to get out on a field and join a team because now they have the equipment and they can do that,” Damore said.

She says sometimes it just takes one person to make a difference.

“It’s got to start somewhere, so if it’s a 17-year-old you know going around town and collecting bats and bags and t-shirts and sending them off, if it makes two or three kids happy, i mean i think that’s everything,” Damore said.

For Brenden, helping out is one of the best gifts he can give to others.

“I always thought that um to help somebody in my community, especially for those who might have less opportunities one of the greatest things that I can do as an act of love,” Damore said.

“It’s pretty overwhelming, we’re really proud of him,” Damore said.