Champaign Students rebuilding Centennial High’s outdoor courtyard


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–We’ve previously told you about a series of renovations for several Champaign Schools. And we showed you what some of those upgrades are in Centennial, except for one. And this time, it’s the students who are making that upgrade.

As part of a two week course, students are remodeling the entire courtyard at Centennial High School.

“By the end we basically want to have retrofitted the entire area,” one student, Rowan Abzug said. “Some of it was just dying and need to look better, and some of it is better for the school overall.”

They started with clearing out all the weeds, and over the last two weeks have built a new path and walkway, gazebo, and planted new crops for their culinary classes.

“In most classes it’s a lot of writing and memorization and stuff, but out here it’s all problem solving and figuring it out for yourself.” Abzug said.

Students working on the project shared their excitement for when their classmates will get to see the final product.

“This I can come back and say, hey I put the plants in that garden bed, I watered those plants, I shoveled that gravel and everything.” Jaime Tiger said. “I just know that I’ve been working so hard for this for two weeks. Being able to feel it for real and see all of this with my own eyes is just really nice.”

Mateo Thomas added “Just looking at something like that and then looking at a past picture of it, you look and think ‘wow’ they really did a good job on this and helped the school out.”

The engineering teacher Steven Lowe said he loved seeing his students make a lasting impact on their school.

“Ultimately when that happens, they get more into it, and they see what all we’re capable of,” Lowe said. “To be honest with you these kids are working extremely hard, and they’ve done a lot in two weeks.”

The project will be finished by this Friday at 2 p.m.

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