CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Champaign School District and other city officials are holding a news conference Friday to address an incident that involved a school bus being hit by a bullet on Thursday.

Superintendent Dr. Shelia Boozer said she was “disheartened” by recent violence in the community. That violence also included a shooting on Thursday afternoon; a Champaign School District bus was hit by a bullet. There were children in the bus at the time. However, no one on the bus was hurt.

This week, Champaign Schools officials started setting up metal detectors to be used at sporting events to prevent weapons from making it into the games. Additionally, Dr. Boozer stated in the news conference that they will randomly use metal detecting wands in the schools. These detectors are just part of additional security measures the district is implementing to keep students and staff safe.

Dr. Boozer said those measures were not in response to Thursday’s incident, but to violence that’s happened within the community.

While the superintendent said they are taking those proactive steps to ensure safety, she also stated parents should take additional precautions. Those include keeping an eye on your child’s social media accounts. Dr. Boozer said there are many instances where students get into altercations online before they transfer to out in the community. If you see something online, talk with your student as soon as possible and get school officials involved when needed.

Another step parents were asked to take is locking up weapons. She said this was an easy safety measure families could take.

“Together, we can make important strides to ensure a safe environment for our students and staff,” said Dr. Boozer.