CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A local Champaign restaurant got a thoughtful gesture from a visiting high school sports team over the weekend.

Neil Street Blues restaurant owner Gayle Starks said she was short-staffed and very busy when the East St. Louis basketball team came to her restaurant Friday night. She worked almost 15 hours that day and dreaded the thought of cleaning the place by herself.

That’s when she noticed the team cleaned up their tables and the trash around them without her asking. Starks said she was very surprised and grateful for their act of kindness.

“It made it a lot less hectic and it was just such a heartwarming gesture,” Starks said. “Something that was completely unexpected. And I think the best gifts are often those that are unexpected.”

Starks wasn’t able to thank the team in person before they left. But she did write a nice personal message on Facebook.