URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The holiday is all about dressing up in green, but it’s a good reminder to make smart decisions, especially behind the wheel.

Champaign Police want you to be safe, and smart, and don’t drink and drive. But there was still time to be festive, especially for one block in Urbana.

“It means wearing green and having a delightful day with my family,” Elsie Munoz said. She and her family braved the cold temperatures and celebrated the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Urbana on Friday.

Dozens of other people also had the same idea. Traditionally, the day is supposed to bring people luck and Champaign Police want to make sure that happens in the form of transportation.

“We’re just patrolling the streets like we always do,” said Officer Bryce Helias. “We just want everyone to find a safe ride home and if you have a designated driver, get a designated driver there are also Uber drivers, and Lyft drivers you can find, we just want everyone to have a fun, safe night.”

He has only been with the department for five months but encourages everyone to be safe.

“It’s a risk to everyone, it’s a risk to people that are doing it, it’s a risk to others around, you never know what could happen if you’re drinking and driving, it’s not a good result for anyone in the situation,” said Helias.

For Munoz and her family, the holiday is an opportunity to be with each other.

“It feels amazing and it means that we’re having family time,” Munoz said.

Something Helias also wants to see the community enjoy.

“Make sure the public enjoys having interactions with me and keep everyone happy,” said Helias.

He also said if you see something that looks suspicious, do what you can, then contact the police.

“Well, we want to interact with the public at times, we want them to come up and have to ask us questions. we want to help them in any way that we can. If we’re around, we don’t want to make them feel intimidated, we just want to be there to ensure everyone’s safety,” said Helias.

Munoz also said she didn’t have school today, which made it extra special.

“Because it’s always on spring break and like most of the time I get to spend the day with my dad, my little sister, Lilian, and my mom,” said Munoz.

Champaign Police said a DUI will cost $10,000 and you could lose your license.