Champaign Police: Man arrested in connection to murder at American Legion


CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA) — Champaign Police announced Thursday that 20-year-old Davucci Craig is scheduled to be in arraignment court to be formally charged with the murder of Kieshaun Thatch which happened at the American Legion in July.

According to an investigation by Champaign Police, many people had gathered at the American Legion on Hickory Street, following the funeral of David Dalton at around 3:00 p.m. on July 2. Dalton was shot and killed on June 20.  Kieshaun Thatch was a nephew of Dalton and was present at the Legion. While people were gathering in the parking lot, a gunman arrived and shot Thatch multiple times. Police found over 100 shell casings at the scene. They believe there were several individuals that were armed and returned fire in response to the gunman shooting Thatch. Three people in addition to Thatch were hit by gunfire.

The investigation of this case continues. Police said several people who were at Dalton’s funeral helped identify Craig as the initial gunman who targeted Thatch as well as a family member of Craig’s who reported to police that Craig confessed his involvement to that family member. First- degree murder with a firearm carries a sentence of incarceration of between 45 and 85 years.

Craig is also facing charges of aggravated cruelty to animals and criminal damage to property. On Tuesday, Champaign County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Craig’s house because one of his family members reported that Craig was in the house breaking things and threatening to kill everyone with a gun. Officers found the house in significant disarray, with multiple doors damaged, a flat screen TV broken, a mirror broken and a window punched out. Additionally, neighbors reported that they have seen Craig carrying a gun before. Officers were told the family dog was missing. During a search of Craig’s house, officers found the dog dead in a drawer and wrapped in a jacket. The dog died from suffocation. Craig was taken into custody at that time. 

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