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“Unfortunately it becomes all too common and you kind of get numb to it,” Chad Smith, President of the Garden Hills Neighborhood Association, said.

That’s the reaction from one man tonight after a man was shot in his neighborhood. Police are investigating a shooting. It happened near the intersection of Paula Drive and Joanne Lane.

Many people were outside their homes watching what was going on. Neighbors told me there were several witnesses, and some did what they could to help the victim.

“To see this happen right next door to our house is very, very hard,” Logan Belcher, lives near shooting, said.

What started as a normal evening for one neighborhood, quickly turned south.

“I drive up the road and see all my neighbors and their kids outside, and I was like that’s not normal,” Belcher said.

Champaign Police said a man was shot near the intersection of Paula Drive and Joanne Lane. A Crime Scene Unit and U.S. Marshal were also on scene.. The marshal said the victim was taken to the hospital.

“She immediately held pressure on it. She told us she was holding pressure. I told her to keep talking to him, and that’s what we did. We all kept talking to him, kept holding the pulses, just to make sure he was doing okay,” Belcher said.

Logan Belcher was on his way home from work when he drove up to chaos. He said he arrived and saw a man bleeding in the street and immediately rushed to help.

“I wouldn’t say I did anything heroic. I was really just trying to help,” Belcher said. “The lady who was over there who was helping was the real hero, and even my neighbor. Both of them together just were a whirlwind and I was there for the ride just trying to make sure he stayed alive.”

Now neighbors are on edge.

“Innocent bystanders are affected and if they’re not directly affected by the incident, you know traumatized from the incident,” Smith said.

They say the shootings need to stop.

“Its unfortunate that its happening way to often and its getting way to close to home for a lot of people,” Smith said. “Its not just happening in Garden Hills, its not happening in Holiday Park, its happening in all the places of the city.”

They also fear that retaliation may result in deaths.

“It is scary. It definitely is. Its one of those things that I wish wouldn’t happen. I really want everyone to unite, that’s what we all want,” Belcher said.

We currently don’t know the condition of the victim. Neighbors told WCIA surveillance video caught the suspect’s car drive by.

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Champaign Police are investigating a shooting that left one person hurt.

It happened Wednesday night near Joanne Lane and Paula Drive. Police officials did not comment on the victim’s current status.

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