Champaign Parents ask School District for more in-person learning opportunities


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–As it currently stands, middle and high school students will continue having all of their classes remote in the morning. Starting January 20th, those older students can go into school in the afternoon for optional small tutoring sessions.

However, some parents are concerned that the current online format and the upcoming plan can keep kids disengaged from the learning process, and makes it difficult to retain any information.

“My oldest kind of wishes she hadn’t signed up for AP courses, because you can’t take a 50-minute course for 30 minutes without having the teacher face-to-face,” one parent, Francesca Hunter, said of her freshman daughter. “They really need that.”

Brylie Klaudt is an eighth grader at Edison Middle School. She said factors like accessibility, resources, and not being able to talk to both teachers and friends on a consistent basis make it difficult to be fully engaged as a student.

“I don’t think i’m getting the education I’m supposed to be getting,” Klaudt said. “I really feel like it’s just dumbing us down and shoving all this work in our faces with such a short period of time,”

Some of the other concerns parents said they had were that the format for middle and high school students on the 20th is inconvenient schedule-wise for parents who work. The Champaign Federation of Teachers’ Vice President Mike Sitch says there are some teachers who are open to switching back to a more normal in-person format, there’s plenty of concern on how to do it safely.

He says Champaign’s teacher’s are working tirelessly to make this year work, and more time will be needed to discuss how to address the needs of all students.

The School District’s Superintendent Susan Zola says the district will be resurveying parents to see if they can make any adaptations to their current plans.

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