Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) —

“Something traumatic happened to her. We don’t know what it was,” Ellen Brady, Sonie Toe’s former pastor’s wife, said.

A family is concerned after their daughter went missing. Champaign native 24- year old Sonie Toe has been missing from Georgia since December 31. Toe’s sister, Tina Harris, says Toe had just moved to Georgia a few months before she disappeared.

“She was covered in mud and she was talking crazy and out of her mind,” Harris said.

About a month before her disappearance Sonie Toe was found in the back of someone’s truck in Georgia. An officer brought her to the hospital where she was taken into a psych ward.

Tina Harris, Toe’s sister, was called to pick her up. She says when she got there her sister hardly recognized her. They later found out she had been in the woods for about two days.

“She said she wasn’t touched. She wasn’t raped, because they ran some tests on her. But she had scratches on her arm,” Harris said.

Private investigator Robin Martinelli thinks Toe is a victim of something else entirely.

“She possibly could be getting into some sex trafficking,” Martinelli said.

Martinelli says sex trafficking is common in Georgia.

“And it seems to be people that come from a different state to here, that weren’t born and raised here and know their way around,” Martinelli said.

Toe brought Harris to where she had been staying to grab her things. Investigator Martinelli says victims may have been staying at that house.

“Sonie knew the code to get into the house. Just like all the other girls did,” Martinelli said.

Toe went to go live with Harris, but on December 31st she left the house and never returned. Other sheriff’s departments in Georgia are also looking into Toe’s disappearance, but for now they hope any tips will help find Sonie Toe.

“I promised her mother I would find her no matter where she is, what she’s doing. I hope she’s still alive,” Martinelli said.

Here’s the link for the fundraiser.