Champaign Fire responds to house after apparent lightning strike


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Champaign firefighters were called to a house Wednesday afternoon after it appeared to have been hit by a bolt of lightning.

It happened near Peppermill Lane and Boulder Ridge Drive. Damage could be seen on the house.

Tyler Crow is the homeowner. He said he wasn’t home at the time, but he thinks the lightning hit near the homes antenna. He said that’s the area of the master bedroom.

Crow said he was on his lunch break when he got a call from his alarm company telling him his smoke detectors were going off. They sent the fire department, and he started driving that way too.

He said the whole way he was thinking if he turned the oven off, or forgot to blow out a candle. When he got a call from one of his neighbors. They told him they saw the lightning struck his house. So, they ran over on got his dog out.

He said it’s something he ever expected.

“No, definitely something new for this neighborhood for sure,” he said. “Anything catching on fire, I figured this would be the least amount of my worries.”

He said he thinks the damage is confined to one area of the home and hopes for things to be back to normal soon.

No one was hurt.

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