CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Being a first responder means answering the call no matter the distance. The Champaign Fire Department’s HAZMAT division did just that when they got the call to go to Teutopolis.

Deputy Chief Andy Quarnstrom said even though they arrived Saturday, all departments on the scene were still working tirelessly. He said that work was reflected by the community, and it served as a form of appreciation and reminder of why they do it.

“It gives you a sensation that you really are doing the greater good,” Quarnstrom said. “Teutopolis is a small town compared to Champaign. That was a significant event for them. Although we go into it thinking we’re just doing our jobs, they look at it like we’re there to really help their community.”

He said this was his first time responding to an anhydrous ammonia crash leak, but he was impressed by the teamwork shown by all agencies involved.