CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The City of Champaign has announced a new fiberoptic utility installation project that will take place near Prospect Avenue in Champaign.

Crews will work in the area from west to east between Prospect Avenue and Elm Street and from north to south between William Street and Kirby Avenue. City officials said the construction process will continue for six to eight weeks from first seeing utility flags to completing restoration and activating services.

City officials said network construction will happen in city right-of-way and in public utility easements on private property in the subdivision, including backyard, side yard, and front yard easements.

The city said i3 Broadband is a licensed utility in the state of Illinois and is permitted to construct facilities in the public right-of-way and general utility easements dedicated to the city. Officials said i3 Broadband works closely with the City of Champaign through the permitting and construction process.

In March, the city announced a previous fiberoptic project that would require i3 Broadband closing one northbound lane of Prospect Avenue. They also had previously announced the closure of one westbound lane of Kirby Avenue between Mayfair Road and Prospect Avenue.