CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA)–This pandemic has made it difficult to keep up with paying rent and utilities on time. If you’re currently in that boat and live in champaign county, you may be in luck.

Champaign County’s Regional Planning Commission is helping renters and landlords catch up on their bills.

Right now the R.P.C. is looking for anyone who has a bill past due, in either rent, utilities or both.

The priority is helping those who make under 50% or less than the average median income in the county, as well as people who’ve received unemployment benefits for the last 90 days. Appointments for assistance are being held at Brookens Center every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They want to make sure as many renters in champaign county are caught up with their bills before the state and federal eviction moratorium’s end in March.

R.P.C.’s director Lisa Benson tells WCIA an influx of people in the county facing eviction or having to crowd in homeless shelters will just make the pandemic worse.

“Our shelters in Champaign County could not handle the influx of families that could be evicted,” Benson said. “We also don’t want to have people move in with family members. That’s not the time for it in a pandemic, it’ll only increase risk.”

Applicants will need to go through a screening process to set up an appointment.
The county expects to help up to 1,500 families, so far they’re approaching 700 families assisted.

If you would like to set up an appointment, you can do so by calling 877-548-4205.