Champaign County Clerk clears up misconception over election machines

Champaign County

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)–A group of protestors gathered outside of Brookens Center on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s because of issues they claim to exist, particularly that election machines in Champaign County forced voters to vote for multiple candidates instead of their preferred candidate.

The protest was organized by Linda Turnbull, who ran as a candidate for the Urbana Park District, but lost. She claims the county’s newest voting machines had an error that forced people to vote for multiple candidates.

County Clerk Aaron Ammons walked WCIA through how the machine works. While the machine alerts you if you haven’t voted for multiple candidates for options that you can, these machines, which while new to Champaign are widely used across the country, doesn’t force you to vote for two people like protestors claim.

Ammons said he also cleared that misunderstanding up with the voter who at the source of these claims, but Turnbull and protestors are still claiming it caused confusion.

“I sent Ms. Turnbull a video (demonstrating how they work),” Clerk Ammons said. “And I showed her the exact same machine at the exact same location, where the voter said something may have gone wrong. I went there to investigate it, and there was nothing wrong with the machine.”

Ammons said he’ll release an educational video clarifying how the machines work. He also gave Turnbull and the other protestors an opportunity to see how those machines work while they were at Brookens, but Ammons said they declined.

When casting your ballot, to make sure you’re reading all instructions carefully. If you have any comments, concerns or questions about your ballot as you fill it out, ask an election judge.

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