Animal control officer hurt after dog attack

Champaign County

RANTOUL, Ill. — A city animal control officer was hurt Wednesday morning after being attacked by four aggressive dogs.

A press release from the Rantoul Police Department (RPD) stated they responded at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday to a report of American Bulldogs that aggressively rushed a person leaving their home in the 1400 block of Mather Drive.

An RPD animal control officer arrived at the scene and found four dogs. He was immediately swarmed by them. A city policeman then arrived and tried to distract the dogs by sounding off the sirens on his squad car.

The release said the dogs’ behavior didn’t change. They continued swarming the animal control officer and then starting biting his legs. The control officer tried to retreat to the other side of his van, but he was pinned against the car by the dogs and they began to bite his arms.

The policeman then left his vehicle and fired his gun at the dogs, as the control officer was still under attack. He shot five rounds at them, hitting all four of the dogs.

The release said two dogs died on-scene, and the others were taken to the University of Illinois Emergency Veterinary Medical Clinic for treatment.

The animal control officer was taken to Carle Hospital for treatment of several bites to his arm.

The Rantoul Police Department continues their investigation into the incident.

Producer’s note: The Rantoul Police Department has released an update stating the breed of the dogs was previously misidentified. We have updated the article to reflect the new information.

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