Champaign County Sheriff’s Office enlists Parkland students to help with jail computer system


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with Parkland College to solve issues impacting their jail system.

The sheriff’s office has been using a new system to keep track of inmates since last September. But the sheriff realized they would need a specialized team to help program their database. That is where Parkland came in.

One of their SQL classes spent a semester helping the sheriff’s office create it. Sheriff Dustin Heuerman said not only does this help make their jobs easier, but it also gives students some real-world experience.

“I’d think if they ever have a career doing this, some of the questions you’re going to have include asking about goals, design and what we’re trying to get the system to do,” Heuerman said. “Students were able to ask us those questions while developing this program for us.”

Heuerman said he would like to pursue more community partnerships with both Parkland and the larger community.

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