Champaign County jail security concerns after man rams it with stolen truck


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) – Last week, an Urbana man stole a truck and attempted to drive it into the Champaign County jail.

Now, Sheriff Dustin Heuerman is taking a look at security for the satellite jail. He said it was something already on their radar because of the feeling toward law enforcement right now.

He said what happened last week reiterated the need for updated security.

“I think after an incident like this it’s always natural to be a little concerned about what’s going on. So, I think it’s healthy to reevaluate processes from time to time. Unfortunately, this has, or fortunately, this incident has kind of forced that to go more quickly than it would’ve gone in the future,” the sheriff said.

He said next steps are to fix the fence and sally port that were damaged.

Taxpayer money will pay for it, and he doesn’t know if it will cost more than the normal budget.

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