CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a phone scam where a caller poses as someone calling from the Sheriff’s Office.

Officials said that when a person is contacted, they are told they have a warrant for their arrest, and the caller requests money. If a message is left and the person calls the number back, it appears they have reached the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Heuerman reminds residents that the Sheriff’s Office will never call to tell you there is a warrant for your arrest and request money.

This warning comes just a week after the Christian County Sheriff warned of a similar scam, where calls were made claiming the person missed their court date, had a warrant out for their arrest, and needed to pay money over the phone for their bond.

The University Police department have also had several recent reports of multiple students being scammed out of thousands by callers claiming to be police officers.

“As scammers get more creative, and scams like this seem more and more legitimate, residents have to be more diligent about verifying the legitimacy of a money request before giving money to a caller,” stated Sheriff Heuerman.

“As a general rule, residents should be very cautious about giving financial or banking information to anyone over the phone unless their true identity and purpose can be verified independently,” the Sheriff Heuerman added.

The Sheriff’s Office suggests that if a resident questions the legitimacy of a call, they should hang up and verify the request by contacting the published number of the organization, such as a law enforcement phone number published on an official law enforcement website.