CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Central Illinois Land Bank is covering the cost of home repairs.

Thanks to ARPA funds they now have $500,000 to start their home rehab project. The program is designed to fix exterior objects like fixes roofs, porches, and gutters. But not everyone is eligible.

They say you must be a homeowner, have insurance and earn 65% below the median area income. Executive Director Mike Davis said the important thing is giving smaller communities in Champaign County the resources to fix these issues.

“We want to deepen our relationship with Champaign County and they have a great weatherization team with the regional planning council,” Davis said. “So, if I run across a family where maybe they need a new roof and some new siding, but they haven’t been served by the weatherization team yet, my goal is how do I make it easier for people to access these services.”

Davis said homeowner applications will be selected by lottery, then screened for eligibility. People can apply directly to rehab programs through the website.