CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Champaign County is welcoming the new manager of the Farm Bureau.

Bailey Conrady is the first woman to hold the position in the county’s history. She was assistant manager for five years. Conrady wants to launch several new ideas to improve the quality of life for farmers.

“It’s just telling the story of agriculture,” Conrady said. “Making sure those elected officials know what agriculture is, have an accurate view of what modern agriculture looks like. So that when they get a question about agriculture, they’ve got some context with that.”

Conrady spent her whole life around farming. Her husband Cody Conrady said several years of experience, combined with taking over her grandparent’s farm make her stand out.

“She’s been on the farm her whole life,” he said. “Her grandparents farmed. She’s had cattle her whole life. So, she’ll be able to relate to all the farmers around the area.”

Conrady has a lot of experience, but it was a personal tragedy a few years ago that helped her solidify her purpose in life.

In 2019, her husband Cody lost his arm and leg from being electrocuted while working on a farm. She said seeing several farmers help her family during a tough time made her want to fight for them.

“I definitely feel like the agricultural industry was there for us at our worst time in our lives and I want to be there for these people in agriculture who did so much for us,” Conrady said.

She said having confidence from people who put her in a position of power makes her want to do a great job.

“It is humbling, honoring and a little bit terrifying. But I’m just so very thankful to be entrusted with this great responsibility. And I’m just thankful to all of our members,” Conrady said.

Conrady also wants to continue expanding on projects that already help people. She said resources like Rural Broadband help bring fast, affordable, and reliable internet to rural communities in Champaign County.