CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Champaign City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday night to replace several pieces of traffic equipment damaged by storms throughout the city.

According to a bill on the agenda, four video detection devices at several intersections were damaged beyond repair by direct lightning strikes. These intersections include Neil Street and Kirby Avenue, Mattis Avenue and Windsor Road and Neil Street and Windsor Road.

These broken detectors can create traffic backups and safety hazards, which is why they needed to be replaced. Two power supply controllers are also going to be replaced.

“This council bill authorizes the city manager to purchase traffic signal equipment and installation services from Champaign Signal and Lighting, a division of Champaign Asphalt Company LLC., in an amount not to exceed $178,426.10,” Champaign Mayor Deborah Feinen said during proceedings.

The bill said that the new equipment will reduce wait times at these intersections and safety will be improved.