UNITED STATES (WCIA) — It’s April 2nd and that means we are celebrating World Autism Awareness Day.

Each year, thousands of buildings and communities will ‘light up blue’ to show support for those impacted. The CDC says one in every 59 children has autism.

It can be diagnosed as early as 2 years old, but the average age is 5 and is four times more likely to happen in boys than in girls.

We spoke to someone who says it’s not just a day for her.

“I struggle on a daily basis with autism,” says Champaign Resident Carlee Rogers. “I struggle on a daily basis to act my age as some people would put it, cause there are things I do that makes me seem like a toddler, because of my autism, but I push through it.”

The whole month of April is Autism Awareness Month. You can find more information on how to get involved here.