Carle program geared toward vets’ success


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — A new program at Carle will help veterans find employment and stay employed. It’s meant to match veterans’ skill sets to all different roles at the hospital.

The biggest issue is getting them to stay. Right now, they say a lot of veterans will leave the workplace shortly after being employed. They say it’s because many have trouble adapting to civilian life after serving in a war.

To help with the problem, Carle established a support system within the program to ease the transition. Stephanie Workman is leading the initiative.

She’s seen firsthand what it’s like for veterans to come out of service and into a job. It’s why she felt passionate about using the program to help others who are struggling.

Right now, Workman says Carle is mostly using the program internally, focusing on its own staff. But soon, it will recruit outside Carle to bring more veterans on board.

Workman says it doesn’t matter when a person served. Carle has veterans from as far back as World War II and as recently as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Part of the program deals with matching skills to open positions. Workman says a lot of times, those skills transition well into careers in the medical field.

She says, right now there are veterans employed in Carle’s environmental services, facilities and hospital administration departments to name a few. 

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