CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — With fall sports in full swing, athletes need to make sure their bodies are ready to take the field our court every day.

Christopher Danbury, an athletic trainer with Carle, works with area high schools to make sure their athletes are healthy. But he said the best preparation to prevent injuries starts in recovery. Stretching muscles, getting good sleep and eating a balanced diet all can help people perform at a high level.

“Before activity, we like to do dynamic warmups where you do lots of movement, increase your core body temperature, literally getting warmed up, and sport-specific movements and patterns so those different body parts or muscles become loosened up and warmed up and ready to go,” Danbury said.

If an injury happens, he said it is important not to rush back to playing right away. He suggests giving the body enough time to fully heal and to start exercising at a gradual pace. It can also be beneficial to work with an athletic trainer to find the best workout routine.