Carjackings increasing in Central Illinois


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) —

Police say carjackings have increased nationwide since the pandemic started and Central Illinois is no exception. Champaign officers saw an uptick last month.

Three reports all happened in parking lots. One in at the Meijer parking lot, another at an apartment complex, and the last was in the Planet Fitness parking lot..

None of victims were hurt, but in one case the carjacker got into one of the cars, and made the victim drive him down the road. He didn’t get very far, when the victim dove out of the car at a stoplight. The suspect quickly got out and ran away. Champaign police say your car is not worth your safety.

“We request that people not resist to give up the vehicle. A vehicle’s replaceable a person is not, so we don’t want somebody getting injured,” Lt. Geoff Coon, Champaign Police Department.

If you find yourself in the carjacking situation, try to also remember what the suspect looked like and also call 9-1-1.

Some ways to prevent a carjacking, have your keys in your hand and always be looking around when approaching your car. Park in well lit areas and keep your doors locked while inside. Stay vigilant at gas stations, parking lots, and stop lights, but lastly, Champaign police say to trust your instincts.

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