Car burglaries


Police get several reports of car burglaries

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)– A rash of summer car burglaries have people alarmed. It’s the warning you’ve heard from us and from police before, but some people still aren’t taking it to heart. Lock your car doors. Burglars broke into people’s cars and stole things at least 30 times since July.

“I was a little surprised to hear that there were so many in such a short period of time,” said Kady Dewald. “You never know what somebody might see in your car or might feel comfortable just going into your car,” said Dustin Haraden. They are taking valuable items too. Things like ID cards, social security cards, cash, credit cards, a laptop, and firearms were taken, but some of these thefts may have been preventable. About 28 of those car burglaries happened on cars that were completely unlocked. “It’s a choice that people have to either lock or unlock their cars. I’ve always locked my car,” said Haraden.

However, some people are more carefree. “I generally do leave it unlocked. But because there’s nothing in it, it’s hard for me to tell if someone has broken in unless they went into the glove compartment and started pulling things out,” said Vaught. Police offered this advice for everyone. Whether you think your car is a target or not, lock your car. Take your keys with you, and if you leave something in your car, cover it up. After the rash of burglaries, that message is starting to catch on. “Going to be more cautious. I’m just going to make sure that my car is locked,” said Vaught.

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