Capping off a 46-year career

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CHARLESTON — One man’s been coming to his job for the past 46-years and says it never felt like work.

Roy Cuppy has worked at CCAR Industries most of his life; a social service agency providing jobs for people with disabilities.

Cuppy says the people were always the best part. He had quite the turnout for his retirement party. More than 70-people came to congratulate him.

He took one final tour around the plant and says, after almost 50-years, it’s hard to say goodbye. It’s a bittersweet moment for Cuppy. This is his last day with CCAR Industries.

“I’m retiring after 46-years.”

He started in 1970 when the building served a different purpose.

“The original buildings here were a bowling alley and a restaurant and I converted them.”

He was working on the construction, but something brought him inside and he hasn’t left since.

“When I decided to come to work for the six months, I knew the first day I just couldn’t let go of it and I’m still that way to this very day.”

CCAR is a social service agency which helps those with disabilities find work. He says, over the years, those faces are what kept him coming back.

“I really can’t tell you what grabbed me, but it did. Our people are generally extremely courteous, friendly, a good sense of humor.”

He’s worked as the plant manager for quite some time and says people would be surprised to hear all the companies they serve. The community came out to give Roy a proper send-off. He says, even after all this time, it’s still the only place he wants to be.

“I come to the same building every day, but it’s different every day. After 46 years, I never regretted coming to work here.”

His coworkers say they’re going to miss him because they never doubted he’d make sure things were in tip-top shape.

“He’s a person who really cares about what he does and he works really hard to get things done just the right way.”

A party wasn’t enough to thank him for his time. They wanted to make sure Roy Cuppy is never forgotten for all he’s done.

“I just say, get you a job you like to come to work and it’s just not work.”

More than 120 people work at the plant.

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