Prosecutors argued Tim Mapes lied to grand jury in order to protect his former boss

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — A federal jury convicted Michael Madigan’s ex-chief of staff on charges of perjury and attempted obstruction of justice Thursday.

Tim Mapes served as chief of staff for former Illinois House Speaker Madigan for over 25 years. He also served as the executive director for the Illinois Democratic Party for 20 years while Madigan was the chair. He was charged with lying to a federal grand jury during an investigation into Madigan and his time in the Capitol.

Prosecutor’s alleged that Mapes was trying to block the investigation into Madigan and a Springfield insider, Michael McClain.

After hearing a series of recordings, both from the grand jury testimony and from secret FBI wiretaps, the jury found that Mapes lied in every instance that prosecutors brought forward.

Madigan is set to start his own trial in April, where he is facing charges of bribery and racketeering.

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