Sen. Morrison encourages food pantry donations

Illinois Capitol News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — State Senator Julie Morrison, a Deerfield Democrat who used to run a local food pantry, encouraged people of means to contribute food to their local charities and organizations that can help distribute food to people in need during a time when local grocery stores are stretched to the limit.

“We are seeing a lot of panic buying,” Morrison said, adding that, “I might have done a little bit of that myself last week.”

Several grocery stores throughout Illinois have seen shoppers wipe their shelves clean during a run on supplies as the state bunkers down amid a pandemic spread of Covid-19, or the Coronavirus.

Morrison seconded advice from state officials who have discouraged people from hoarding supplies or groceries. The grocery stores and agricultural supply chains have been deemed “essential businesses” during a period of time when the state has ordered other non-essential businesses to stop operations.

“This is totally unprecedented,” she said. The Senate Democrat who now serves as the vice-chair of the Senate Public Health Committee said during the interview, which was prerecorded on Thursday.

Food pantries “run on the hearts and the backs of volunteers,” Morrison said. “If you feel fortunate enough that you’re able to purchase something or bring something to a food pantry, please do it.”

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