School use of medical marijuana approved

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — You might not recognize this drug as a pill or patch, but you’ll soon be able to find it in school classrooms around the state.

A new law now lets students who need it use medical marijuana in school. The drug can help those with epilepsy or autism manage symptoms.

If a child is approved to use medical marijuana, the parent is allowed to provide cannabis-infused products to use in school.

For example, it means kids can have edibles or wear patches in class. First, parents and children must both be cleared by the state’s medical marijuana law.

Supporters say medical marijuana is necessary for some kids whose pain is otherwise unbearable. Even though the law is effective immediately, not everyone is on board.

There are some exceptions to the law. Schools can stop parents if it becomes disruptive of exposes other students to the drug. 

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