Republicans denounce graduated income tax

Illinois Capitol News

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — A growing number of Republican lawmakers are taking a stand against a proposed graduated income tax.

It began last week with the House and now, every GOP member in the Senate is saying he or she won’t have it. Members are sending a message loud and clear to JB Pritzker.

A progressive of graduated income tax is one of Pritzker’s biggest campaign promises. He says it’s time the wealthy in the state pay their fair share. But, if elected, it’s looking like that will be an uphill battle.

He’ll need a constitutional change which means Republican support. After Tuesday, both Senate and House Republicans oppose a graduated income tax. They believe the move will inevitably hike taxes for the middle class, which is the sentiment shared by Governor Bruce Rauner.

Tuesday, he publicly thanked lawmakers for speaking out and again slammed Pritzker for trying to raise taxes. Pritzker says the increased revenue is needed to pay for social services.

Rauner continues to say the answer is to pass a balanced budget and reforms. Notably, he did not mention repealing the income tax in his message this time.

Last week, he admitted he was using that revenue to balance this year’s budget. 

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