Republicans continue calls for changes to the budget

Illinois Capitol News

Republicans are once again taking aim at governor pritzker’s budget proposal.

The state is bringing in more money than lawmakers originally expected. That led the governor to propose fully funding schools in the evidence based funding formula this year, but Republicans also feel the governor should change course and not repeal corporate tax loopholes to help fill the hole in this years budget.

“I see there’s absolutely no reason that we should be even talking about repealing any of those incentives, considering that we’re looking at an additional $1.4 billion of additional revenue, separate from the federal federal cares act,” House Minority Leader Jim Durkin said.

Pritzker on Wednesday said that the budget is still very much in the negotiation phase.

“Now there’s a lot of negotiation going on. I’m sure there will be some changes that get made to that budget that will be satisfactory to Republicans. There may be things that aren’t satisfactory. But here’s the important thing. Fiscal responsibility is back in the state of Illinois,” Pritzker said.

The state is in line to get 1.4 billion dollars in additional revenue on top of the money the state is getting from the Federal Cares Act. Democrats say the current hole in the budget sits at around 1.3 billion with the additional revenue coming in.

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