Representative pushing bill to limit disputes over remains

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– The family of a Central Illinois teenager who died in an ATV accident had to wait more than a year to bury him.

His mother said the hold up is because of her divorce from his dad.

Amy Hauschild Heyen said she and her estranged husband were at odds over who was in charge of the funeral arrangements. Now, she is working with a lawmaker to make sure other families can avoid this pain.

 Adam Hauschild Heyen was 15 years old when he died in an accident.  His parents were going through a divorce and could not agree on his final resting place. His mom Amy got in touch with House republican Avery Bourne. She wrote a bill that puts a deadline on disgreements over who has control of a loved one’s remains.

“Due to a dispute, they weren’t able to lay him to rest for 15 months,” said Bourne. “This allows a 30 day time period if their is a dispute over the remains, for the courts to say this has to be settled give that family some closure. “We’re just hopeful that no other family has to go through the same kind of challenging circumstance.”
The Macoupin County teen died of his injuries in Springfield. Sangamon County Coroner Cinda Edwards said cases like Adam’s are rare.

“This does not occur very often. I think that having it occur once is too many times so this gives the tool to resolve things more quickly,” said Edwards.

The bill cleared the House unanimously and is now sitting in the Senate. It will be called Adam’s Law if it passes.

“I don’t see a negative side to this law. I think it would be a very good law to have in place,” Edwards said.

Adam’s mom said she is grateful for everyone’s support.

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