CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Illinois Governor JB Pritzker modified the state’s vaccine rollout plan to allow state lawmakers to jump ahead into Phase 1B, a spokesperson for his office confirmed on Wednesday.

“That’s crap,” said a nurse who was administering the vaccines at a pop-up clinic inside Champaign’s I-Hotel Conference Room. She felt politicians shouldn’t put themselves ahead of teachers or patients with underlying medical conditions.

Pritzker’s office said several lawmakers requested expedited vaccines before they return to the legislative session, which has been canceled through the month of February. 

“We didn’t want to stand in the way of what they feel they needed to get back to work,” spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh said Wednesday morning.

“That’s absolutely [expletive] ridiculous,” state senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) said on Wednesday. “Prisoners and legislators should not be cutting in front of anyone in long term care facilities. Period. This is mission critical.”

While some elected officials may opt to cut in line, Pritzker’s office said he is going to stay and wait until it’s his turn to get the vaccine.

“I’m waiting my turn,” Pritzker said at a Wednesday press conference in Champaign. “I think it’s important for many of us to set an example in that way. Many legislators asked if they could be vaccinated because there is so much work that needs to be done.”

Emails we obtained show Rep. Stephanie Kifowit (D-Oswego) was one of the state legislators who pressured the governor’s office to prioritize vaccinations for elected officials.

“It is beginning to feel like the Governor is purposely working against the legislature returning to do the work of the people,” Kifowit emailed a Pritzker aide last Monday. “The longer the Governor denies the legislature a safe way to work, the longer it will take to pass significant legislation that the state needs.”

Legislators will be able to go to their local health department and make an appointment like anyone else who is in Phase 1B, Abudayyeh said. Talks are also underway for a special clinic in a central location where state lawmakers could come for their shots.

The decision to expand Phase 1B comes as the state is recalling some “excess” vaccines intended for patients in long term care facilities in Phase 1A.