Lawmakers work to close gun sales loophole

Illinois Capitol News

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Lawmakers are moving legislation forward they say would bring major changes to the process of getting a gun in the state.

Representatives behind the bill say it’s all about keeping guns out of the wrong hands, while gun rights advocates say the measure would quadruple the cost to get a keep a FOID card.

Gun rights advocates are calling on gun supporters to oppose the legislation before session comes to an end.

Lawmakers held a committee meeting to go over a bill they say will close a background check loophole by implementing universal background checks.

Representatives backing the bill said it modernizes the gun owner licensing system by mandating gun sales take place through licensed dealers, requiring fingerprinting for all gun owners and extending the period of denial and approval for gun applications.

Gun rights advocates say a 10-year FOID card costing $10 would now skyrocket to $100 under this proposal. They say, on top of all that, all the other new requirements add up to a high price. Advocates say the new fees can be really costly for families of multiple gun owners.

The bill passed out of committee by a vote of 12-to-7. The bill sits in the House awaiting a vote.

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