Lawmakers to be busy after break

Illinois Capitol News

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — A two-week spring break is coming to an end for lawmakers.

Representatives and senators will return to chambers Tuesday and they have a lot of work ahead of them.

Coming off recess, lawmakers have a lot on the docket and just a month to come up with concrete solutions. Recreational marijuana, sports betting and a Capital bill to fund road repairs will be high up on the list.

Some topics, like recreational marijuana and sports gambling will be driven by moral debate.

Supporters are calling on the state to be more open to new ways of gaining revenue, while the opposition says the state is not ready for unforeseen consequences of legal drugs and gambling.

Everyone agrees the state’s roads need to be improved; the argument is about how to get it done. Is now the right time to add another tax to residents?

All of the bills lead back to one big question: Will the state have enough money to put a dent into a multi-billion hole? Some lawmaker do not think so.

Other proposals to lower the deficit include a plastic bag tax and cigarette tax. Some lawmakers are all in when it comes to raising these taxes to fill the void.

The question yet to be seen by those against the raises is what will they do to stop it?

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