Lawmakers consider leveling lottery odds

Illinois Capitol News
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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Your luck could soon be changing. Lawmakers are taking aim at unfair lottery practices which make people losers before they even buy a ticket.

It was recently discovered the Illinois Lottery has been selling people tickets after top prizes are already claimed. It’s estimated it happens to millions of people every year.

One lawmaker wants the state to step in and ban companies from doing this. He says the bottom line is transparency.

Under new rules, the lottery would be forced to update the number of prizes remaining on a daily basis. The information would be available online for anyone to access.

The Lottery would also have to stop selling tickets within 45 days of when the last prize is sold. The Illinois Lottery hasn’t taken a position on the proposal.

People say they feel taken advantage of.

There’s a downside: Revenue from the Illinois Lottery is funneled directly toward education. Critics say the state could lose some funds under the new practice.

Still, the proposal isn’t seeing any opposition. It passed unanimously through committee.

The sponsor says the changes should help, not just customers, but businesses. He believes it makes the whole system more trustworthy.

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