Governor mandates state jobs “come home”

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Thursday, Gov. Bruce Rauner followed through with his promise to bring state jobs back to the capital city with the signing of House Bill 4295.

The legislation moves hundreds of state jobs to Springfield. The bill codifies into law Sangamon County is the default location for most state jobs, unless there is a specific reason the job needs to be in a different location.

The bill requires the director of Central Management Services (CMS) to work with other agency directors to relocate all state positions under the Personnel Code to Sangamon County with some exceptions.

It also requires that all new positions be in the Springfield unless there is a valid, constituent-based reason for the position to be elsewhere.

The director of CMS will specify the geographic location for each job and, when a job is located outside of Sangamon County, the CMS director will provide the reason for the exception.

The new law is consistent with the plan to sell the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago, which houses many current state employees.

The bill, effective immediately, applies to newly created or newly filled positions, and specifies that collective bargaining rights shall not be affected.

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