Gamers optimistic about casinos under Pritzker

Illinois Capitol News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– Gamers and people in their corner feel like the odds are in their favor to get more casinos under Governor Pritzker’s administration.

Gaming advocates said the progression of a sports betting plan in the capitol shows the state may be ready for more gambling. 
    Gamers also pointed to success of video gaming around the state after it became legal in 2009. 
Representatives from Wakeugan, Chicago, Rockford and Danville areas all spoke about the benefits casinos can bring the economy.
    Vermilion County Chairman Larry Baughn said after about 30 years, now could finally be the time see a new casino in his county.

“We’ve been dealing with this since big Jim Thompson was governor so I think it’s still too early to tell but Governor Pritzker’s office seems to be in favor of at least a partial expansion,” said Baughn.

Governor Pritzker’s budget is banking on 200 million dollars coming from sports gambling.

    In Vermilion County, Baughn said he is pushing to create more jobs, bring in more revenue and keep money in Illinois instead of going to border states.

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