Former legislative inspector general calls for ethics reform

Illinois Capitol News

ILLINOIS (WCIA)– A watchdog chosen by lawmakers to investigate their behavior is now calling on them to make a change. She is accusing those same lawmakers of covering up her findings of wrongdoing.

Former prosecutor Julie Porter said lawmakers would not publish her report on of one their own violating ethics. Now, she is calling for them to reform the ethics commission.

Porter is the former Legislative Inspector General (LIG). The LIG is supposed to report any alleged misconduct going on under the dome but Porter said the role is powerless.

In an op-ed to Chicago newspapers, she said she found one lawmaker engaged in wrongful conduct.

She said the report of her findings was not published because it was not approved by lawmakers on the ethics commission.

Representative Avery Bourne is on that comission. She said she cannot comment on the details of the report. She did issue a statement, saying lawmakers have passed important reforms to “renew confidence in the LIG’s office and the ethics commission.”

Bourne said that includes the LIG’s ability to investigate sexual harassment complaints without getting approval from the commission.

Porter’s term as LIG ended in February. She said her successor chose not to publish a second misconduct report of hers as well.

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