SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Former governor Jim Edgar endorsed Republican candidate Dan Brady for Secretary of State at a news conference Thursday in Springfield.

Edgar, who also served as Secretary of State for 10 years, said Brady has the experience needed to run the office.

“This is not a job for somebody new,” Edgar said. “This is a job for someone who understands how to make things happen in government, and can work with all people.”

Brady accepted the endorsement, and thanked his supporters.

“I will continue my hard work of informing the voters of Illinois who I am and my plans to improve and lead the Secretary of State’s office into the 21st century,” Brady said.

Edgar’s endorsement joins several notable Illinois groups including the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police. He was also the only statewide Republican candidate to be endorsed by the Illinois Education Association, the largest union in the state.

Edgar said out of all the statewide races, Brady has the best shot at winning the election.

When asked by WCIA on what candidate Edgar’s voting for governor, he simply replied “It’s a secret ballot.”

“I think we’ve seen the Republican Party move to the right, while the state of Illinois has moved more to the left.” Edgar said. “And that is why we’re have been more in the minority role for a long time.”