ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The fallout over the satanic statue sitting in the state Capitol continues.

One lawmaker is calling for its removal. Another is asking the state to publicly denounce the symbol. At the end of the day, the First Amendment is on the side of the Satanic Temple, responsible for the figure.

But, it didn’t stop one senator from writing a letter to the Secretary of State’s office asking it be removed. He says the state’s been ill-advised and argues, since the statue does not celebrate a particular holiday, it should go.

Right now, it sits roped off next to a Christmas tree, manger and Menorah; religious symbols often seen at the Capitol every holiday season. The Satanic Temple of Chicago added its statue last week.

Some say they appreciate lawmakers fighting it. Another downstate Republican is filing a resolution to publicly denounce the statue, referring to it as “disgusting” and calling it nothing but a publicity stunt.

Both lawmakers say they’ve received several calls from upset constituents. The Secretary of State’s office says it’s getting lots of calls. Even with the outrage, no signs of the statue going anywhere.

The Capitol isn’t the only site of such a statue. The Satanic Temple placed a giant statue of Baphomet, a mythical, winged goat creature, in front of the Arkansas Capitol.

The groups acknowledge they don’t actually believe in Satan, but are hopeful the statues ignite debate over the separation of church and state.