Butler revives Daylight Saving Time Debate

Illinois Capitol News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Representative Tim Butler from Springfield plans to introduce a bill this year to try and get the state on board to make the change.

A bill to make daylight saving time permanent already passed the senate last year. Senator Andy Manar out of Bunker Hill sponsored it, But it never got brought up for a vote in the House. The state can’t keep or get rid of daylight saving time year round on its own. The federal government has to act to make the change, but Butler still thinks its worth a discussion

“I think its something that we need to take a look at to figure out which is the better way to go,” Butler said. “I think having a discussion about eliminating the changes is the debate we would have, but i think eliminating them would be good.”

Butler says he would rather make standard time the year round normal. There would have to be federal action or a joint effort from Illinois and it’s surrounding states if daylight saving time would be changed in the state.

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