Budget bills on way to House

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — After the Senate passed what Republicans are calling the “biggest tax hike ever,” the bill now heads to the House.

With one week left before deadline, the House hopes to make some changes and send it back to Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk. Representative Jeanne Ives (R) has the bill in hand and filed for a motion months ago.

Any lawmaker can do so once it passes the other chamber. As a vocal Republican, she says multiple tweaks are on the way and the state needs a tax revolt. 

While the Senate bill is in her hands, she’s aware House Speaker Michael Madigan (D) can snatch it away from her at any time. It’s uncertain if he will do that because Democrats are working on their own budget proposal.

Representative Ives will have a hard time getting Democratic support with her changes, some of which include not only a property tax freeze, but a cap as well.

The House did not take up any Senate bills Wednesday, but it’s likely the rest of the week the House will begin voting for the Senate’s spending plan, pension reform and a gambling expansion bill. 

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