Border politics go beyond southern states

Illinois Capitol News

NATIONAL (WCIA) — Governor Bruce Rauner says the controversial policy of separating children from parents at the border is “heartbreaking.” He’s calling on the federal government to find a solution.

While Congress debates a solution, state Democrats are taking the problem to the governor’s front steps. JB Pritzker launched an attack on Rauner for not taking further action.

A few months ago, Rauner said he would send National Guard troops to the border if the Trump administration asked.

Now, to show how much he objects to what many are calling inhumane policies at the border, Democrats want him to take the offer off the table.

The pictures of children being held in shelters have caused an uproar around the world. While the blame game continues on Capitol Hill, the dramatic images have also grabbed the attention of voter in Illinois, thousands of miles from the border.

“Democrats want open borders, MS-13 gang members from all over the place.”

“I think it’s just sad. I literally can’t listen to the news because it’s that sad that it’s come to pass.”

“I wish there was a better system at the border to make the transition better.”

As of Tuesday, Congress drafted new plans, but President Trump objects to any immigration bill which doesn’t include a list of demands, including funding for the border wall and a merit-based immigration system.

In the meantime, gubernatorial candidate, JB Pritzker, is pointing the finger at Rauner. He wants him to revoke his offer to send National Guard troops to the border. He’s even launched an online campaign urging voters to call the governor out for being President Trump’s silent partner.

After previously dodging the question, Rauner weighed in Tuesday.

“I’m not giving that any thought whatsoever. What I am calling on is for us to ended the policy of separating families. It is bad policy. It’s wrong. It’s heartbreaking. It’s not the moral thing to do.”

Some voters side with Pritzker.

“That would show character and compassion that would be appreciated by the voters.”

Others say the cause is irrelevant.

“We try to do a lot of things internationally and I know we are trying to protect our borders, but there are a lot of issues we can be spending money and time on.”

Massachusetts’ Republican Governor Charlie Baker, who just accepted a chance to send troops to the border, has also since revoked the order. He was set to send them by the end of the month.

The Trump administration hasn’t asked Illinois to send troops to the border. Rauner made the offer in April.

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