ILLINOIS (WCIA) — As schools begin opening their doors for the year, new accommodations will help teen moms.

Starting in January, public and charter schools will have to provide a private room for moms who are breastfeeding. The goal is to keep young mothers in school.

A lot of teen moms struggle with balancing school and caring for a child, but now one of those barriers will be eliminated making it easier.

All schools will have to provide a private room with an outlet to allow them to pump milk. The bill was signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner. It also requires schools to have a place for the mother to store the milk.

While many are in favor of the legislation, some opponents say it could encourage teen pregnancy. Supporters say it’s just the opposite. They say, by allowing a mother to breastfeed at her own will, it keeps the mother and infant healthy.

Without this legislation, many young mothers were using bathrooms and other unsanitary places to breastfeed. The law aims to eliminate those scenarios and goes into effect January 1.

Another law signed by Governor Rauner this week includes video visitation rights for inmates. Those behind bars will soon be able to Skype family members.

It’s to boost an inmate’s support system while being locked up. It also should eliminate long distance travel costs for some families who have to travel hours for short visitations.