MARION, Ill. – Just because marijuana is legal in Illinois, doesn’t mean you can transport as much as you want around the state. A Mississippi man was arrested in rural Southern Illinois after three garbage bags filled with cannabis were found during a traffic stop.

According to Chief David Fitts, Marion Police Department, the incident happened overnight Monday on Interstate 57, just north of Marion.

A Marion police officer saw a vehicle speeding through an interstate construction zone just before 1 a.m. and conducted a traffic stop.

While talking with the driver, the officer noticed a large bag in the rear of the vehicle of what seemed to be marijuana. Fitts said the officer had the driver exit the vehicle and requested assistance.

Police claim to have discovered three clear plastic bags containing a total of 82.9 pounds of cannabis, as well as 30 bottles of THC syrup, and 40 vape pens.

The driver, William Davis, of Lexington, Mississippi, was arrested and charged with manufacture/delivery of cannabis (>5,000 grams), cannabis trafficking (>5,000 grams), driving while license revoked or suspended, and speeding in a construction zone. Davis, 44, remains in custody at the Williamson County Jail.

Sheriff Fitts said state law limits the amount of marijuana an Illinois resident over 21 years of age can possess: five grams of cannabis concentrate, 500 milligrams of THC-infused products, 30 grams of cannabis flower, and the product must be in a sealed, odor proof, childproof, authorized dispensary container. Non-Illinois residents can only hold half that mount while in the state.